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Get Connected with the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce in China

Visit China’s most exciting cities and meet local business leaders

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The North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce is helping organize an exciting opportunity to visit China on a group trip in April 2020.

The Chamber, along with local business and community leaders, will enjoy a 10-day trip to the Middle Kingdom.

Over the course of the trip, travelers will explore some of China’s most international and important cities. Sites include:

· Beijing

· Shanghai

· Suzhou

· Hangzhou

· Optional side trip to Xi’an to see the famous Terracotta Warriors

In addition to learning about China’s rich history and modern development, this trip also gives travelers the option to connect with local businesses and officials. This will help foster opportunities for all travelers and business owners to benefit from the Chinese market by connecting them directly to manufacturing and capital in China.

As anyone who’s been to China knows, connections and in-person meetings are both key to securing long-term, mutually beneficial business relations.

The deadline for the trip is quickly approaching. The last day to register and pay in full is December 15, 2019.

The price for the 10-day trip is only $2,199 US dollars.

Click here to register and get connected to China today.

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