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Phu My Hung: Saigon’s Beverly Hills at a Glance

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Phu My Hung: Saigon's Beverly Hills at a Glance

Vietnam is gaining the world’s attention. In recent year’s it has transformed into a global hub for manufacturing and as a result, built a booming consumer market. There are no shortage of blogs and travel videos that show the beauty and culture of the country. Perhaps less is known about Vietnam’s working professional communities that top international talent call their home. 

One of Vietnam’s most famous affluent neighborhoods is Phu My Hung (pronounced Foo Me Hung). Sometimes dubbed the ‘Beverly Hills of Saigon’, roughly half of the upscale community is comprised of foreign working professionals and their families. While the neighborhood is most popular with South Korean expatriates, foreign working professionals from across the world live here. 

This article shines a light on why worldwide professionals are choosing to locate to Phu My Hung.


Phu My Hung boasts some of the most developed commercial and communal infrastructure in Vietnam. With modern facilities, wide roads, and walkable communities, the neighborhood offers multi-modal transporation options. Most amenities are available by foot or bike and others are just a short drive away. 

Perhaps most notable is Crescent Mall. In addition to being one of District 7’s most popular upscale shopping centers, the mall also features a pristine lake and walk-around park. While enjoying the beauty of the lake during a stroll, visitors can stop and take a break at a number of interntional restaurants or cafes. 

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Ho Ban Nguyet Park located adjacent to Crescent Mall. Photo courtesy of Vietcetera

Many of the popular apartment complexes in Phu My Hung have a similar layout giving residents the ability to enjoy nature and an array of eateries just outside their doorstep. The neighborhood’s emphasis on walkable and livable communities helps promote a cleaner air environment. 


With so many global professionals in Phu My Hung, the neighborhood has grown to offer private, international K-12 education options that reflect the neighborhood’s diversity. In fact, some of Vietnam’s premier K-12 options are found right in Phu My Hung. Parents can choose international schools that follow the curriculum of a range of countries including the United States, Japan, and South Korea. 

The tuition for schools in the neighborhood vary by institution and grade level. Parents should expect to pay between $10,000 to $20,000 USD annually per child at a local private institution. 

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Students working on a project at Saigon South International School. Photo courtesy of City Pass Guide.


Conveniently located only 15-minute drive from Saigon’s city center, Phu My Hung offers residents the ‘best of both words’. The short distance makes for a brief commute to the downtown corporate office or to enjoy the city’s vibrant entertainment center. 

For those who prefer to stay close to home, Phu My Hung residents can enjoy the international atmosphere right in their neighborhood. Working professionals who are not required to commute to a downtown corporate office may rarely find themselves outside of the Phu My Hung neighborhood as almost everything an international family needs can be found within it. 

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Approximate distance between Phu My Hung and District 1 (Saigon's city center) according to Google Maps.

Global Atmosphere 

Given the high proportion of foreign individuals, English-language signs and services are widely available in the neighborhood. Many working professionals, especially from the West, do not find local language acquisition necessary to complete everyday tasks. Signs, business names, and menus often have an English translation. Businesses and restaurants that regularly receive expatriate customers will almost always have someone available to assist you in English. 

Global cuisines including Indian, Mexican, and Italian are all readily available throughout the Phu My Hung neighborhood. While enjoying delicious Vietnamese food is certainly a perk of living Vietnam, it is also understandable that foreign professionals would still desire business and restaurant options that exist back in their home country. Phu My Hung offers a win-win experience. The best of Vietnman and all the comforts of home. 

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Customers enjoy a meal at Red & Round, a popular Italian restaurant in Phu My Hung. Photo courtesy of Google Maps.


It’s an exciting time to be in Vietnam. The country’s economy is growing and continues to attract foreign investment from around the world. For foreign professionals, the Phu My Hung neighborhood provides a comfortable, global, and welcoming environment. If someone you know is considering a move to Vietnam, please share this article with them so they can learn more about the ‘Beverly Hills of Saigon’, Phu My Hung. 

About the author:

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Alexander Parini is a lecturer at Hoa Sen University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is a member of AmCham Vietnam and the Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam. He graduated with his Master's in International Relations from Peking University in Beijing, China. Before moving to Asia, he worked in U.S. politics and studied Political Science at Portland State University.

He is active on both LinkedIn and Twitter.